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What is benefit of MoeGo eGift Card?

Increase your upfront income

Customers purchase the full e-Gift Card upfront, which gives you a boost in your upfront cash flow. This upfront cash flow can be especially beneficial during Covid-19 pandemic. 

Attract new clients
e-Gift Cards are an easy way for your existing clients to introduce your business to their friends and family. 

Support countries: US, UK, CA, AU

How to set up Gift card?  Setting > Gift Card

1) Name: Set up your gift card name

2) Description: You can use this field to set up your terms of use, gift card policy of use, description etc. 

3) Amount

  • Fixed amount: you can set up (up to 4)  fixed amount of gift card 

  • Custom amount: You can enable "custom amount", so your clients can type in custom amount. The custom amount has limit amount between $10-1000. 

4) Color: Choose your brand color

5) Enable your online gift card 

Turn on "enable gift card", You are ready to sell eGift Card now!  
Copy the URL.
You can embed this link to your website, or share through email or social media page. 

Once your client purchased a gift card:

  • You will receive an email, and in-app notification regarding the new sales. 

  • Your revenue report will be updated with gift card sales 

  • Your client will receive an email with Gift Card and Redemption code.

How to redeem Gift card? 

Once your client purchase a gift card, your client will receive a digital card with redemption code.
Next time after finishing the service, you can click on check out, then choose "have code". You can type in the client redemption code to pay for the service total. 


MoeGo integrates with third party Stripe as credit card payment processor.
MoeGo doesn't charge processing fee.
Stripe fee: 3.4%+30cents for each transaction. See more.

For every gift card purchased from your client, you only pay for the standard credit card transaction fee: 3.4%+30 cents for each transaction. 

For instance: When a client purchased $100 gift card, you will receive $96.3.

(Continue to read below if it's your first time set up with Stripe credit card payment processor)

Set up Stripe - take credit card payment

If it's your first time to set up online payment with MoeGo, you will be asked to set up your linked bank account first.
Here is how you can set up Setting > Payment

Receive Payout:

The first payout

The first payout for every new Stripe account is typically paid out 7 days after the first successful payment is received. This waiting period can be up to 14 days for businesses in certain industries. This delay allows Stripe to mitigate some of the risks inherent in providing credit services.

Standard payout: every 2 business days 

  • Applies to: Australia, United States (except businesses in higher-risk industries). Payouts of your available account balance are made daily and contain payments processed two business days prior (this is how long it takes for your pending account balance to become available on this schedule). 

  • For example, payments received on a Tuesday are paid out by Thursday, and payments received on a Friday are paid out by Tuesday.

Payout schedule further information:

All payments and payouts are processed according to UTC time. As a result, the processed date may not be the same as your local time zone.

When a payment is first received, it’s initially reflected as a pending balance (less any Stripe fees). This balance becomes available according to your payout schedule. For instance, it takes seven calendar days from a payment being received to it being paid out for Stripe accounts on a 7 calendar day schedule.

Most banks deposit payouts into your bank account as soon as they receive them, though some may take a few extra days to make them available.

Message templates 

Message template 1:

" Many of you have asked about supporting my business during the Shelter-in-Place order. I have created a link for you to purchase a gift card that may be applied toward your future grooming appointment.
This is for my existing clients only as I cannot accommodate new clients at this time.
Thank you for all the well-wishes. I miss all of you and look forward to seeing you again soon.
[paste link to gift card here]"

Thanks to Susan Porter

Message template 2:

"Hi everyone! I miss seeing all your pets, and can’t wait for this social distancing to end. 😁 If you are looking for a way to support us, or your loved ones we are now offering gift cards!! Just follow the link and send a grooming gift card to anyone in the area. 🐾

[paste link to gift card here]"

Thanks to Trimmed Pets

Message template 3: 


Good news! We now have gift cards available after many customer requests. You can continue to support us during COVID-19! Every little bit counts. You can purchase a gift card that can be used towards your future services or products, or even gift them to family and friends ✅Grab one today and continue to support local business 🤩🥳


Thanks to Urban Tails Grooming:

Message template 4: 

"Looking for a good way to support you favorite local groomer?! Buy a gift card to be used for later!
This is brand new, we JUST got this online!
You can use all or part of your balance when you check out. We get the money now to help during our down time. Great Christmas present, birthday present, thank you gift etc. Gift cards CAN be used for any grooming service, nail trims, or self-serve dog wash! [paste link to gift card here]"

Thanks to Mighty Clean Mutt

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