Protect against no-shows with a customized cancellation policy. You can require clients add their payment card when requesting an appointment with you online. If your client doesn’t show up, or cancels outside of your cancellation window, you can choose to enforce your cancellation policy.

How to access:

Go to Book online > Payment & cancellations

  • Turn on "Booking with no-show protection"

  • Write your own "Cancellation policy" and save. 

When you enable this feature, your clients will be required to add a payment card to complete their booking. This card can be charged if your client violates your cancellation policy.

Here is how it look like on your booking page:

Once you approved this new booking request, this client profile will be automatically generated in your system, along with the credit card info (encrypted).
When client caused a no-show, you can charge client a cancellation fee.

Set up bank account

Note: If you are not activated to accept card payments on MoeGo, you will be required to set up linked bank account (Setting > payment > link account) before you can enable this feature.
This process can only be completed by the owner account. 

See more: How to set up credit card payment.

Feel free to try it out yourself from our booking demo page:

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