MoeGo online booking enables you set up whether you accept only existing clients, or new clients or both. 

How to access:

Go to Setting > Accept client

When your client book online with your online booking link, there are two options:

  • Existing Client

  • New Client

For example, if you set up only accept existing client, then from your client booking portal, your client won't be able to see the "new client" option. 

If you have the client (with phone number) profile in your system, that client will be recognized as your "Existing client".

For Existing client:

  1. Click on Existing client

  2. Type in the phone number

  3. Receive verification code

  4. Login to access appointments and start booking. 

For New client: 

New client will be asked to create pets before selecting service and time. 

Once you approved the request from new client, the system will automatically create a client profile along with the pets profile in the system. So you don't have to manually type them into the system. 

Feel free to try it out yourself from our booking demo page:

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