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To access desktop calendar:

1. Go to, click on "Login"

2. Once logged in, click on "Calendar"

To access Online booking setting:

Go to setting > online booking (new)

How to set up?

☆ Booking page

  • Set up your business logo, name, intro, contacts, social links

  • Set up your gallery photos, you can star mark 5 photos as showcase on top of your webpage.

  • Customize the theme color to match your business. The button colors your client can see when book online will be updated.   

(preview of your booking page - what your client see)

☆ Booking setting

Available staff

  • Turn on or off staff availability for online booking.

  • You can also set up what service each staff does.

Available services

  • Customize if certain service is available for online booking. 

  • Set up if certain service can only done by certain staff

  • 4 ways to show price with your preference: a) Do not show price; b) Show fixed service price; c) show price with "starting at"; d) show price as "varies". You can apply for each service as needed.

Available time:

  • Customize your staff daily working hours, with breaks in between. 

  • Your available openings is decided by your staff working hours. 

Accept pet type: 

  • You can choose either Dog, Cat or Other animals; or accept all of them.

  • Your client will only be able to book the animal type you have set up.

  • So yes, if your business only do cats, then just select "cat" only.

Accept client type:

  • You can open your online booking only for new clients, or only for existing clients, or accept both new and existing clients. 

  • If you select "existing client" only, then only existing clients can submit appointment request.

Auto move appointment to wait list after 48 hours:

  • Once turned on, MoeGo will move the appointment request to wait list automatically after 48 hours. It will free up the time slot requested by that client.

  • You can turn it off if your business doesn't operate that way.

How soon can your client book?

  • Set your preference how soon would you let your clients to book with you, you can choose from same day, next day, 2 days out, 3 days out. 

How far can your client book?

  • You can set up how far can your client book, there are options with 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days.

Appointment available intervals:

  • If interval is 30mins, your available schedule will be look like 1:00pm, 1:30pm, 2:00pm etc.

  • You can set up with 10mins, 20mins, 30mins, 40mins, 50mins, 60mins. 

Fake-it-filter: (same as previous version)

  • Set up your availability as slightly busy (take off 25% of your openings), moderately busy (take off 40% of your openings), or extremely busy (take off 50% of your openings). 

Block list: (same as previous version)

  • Block out clients who you don't allow to book online.

  • Client on the block list will see every day is fully booked. 

Service agreement required: 

  • You have the option to require your clients to sign agreement before submit the request


  • Set up your preferences of sending email or text or both, when appointment was submitted, or moved to waiting list. 

☆ Cancellation policy required 

  • With "Booking with No-Show Protection" turned on, clients are required to provide card information to book appointments, and you can determine whether or not to charge them based on your cancellation policy. If you choose to charge a cancellation fee, you can do so up to 14 days after the appointment.

  • You are required to write your cancellation policy and show it on the booking page.

☆ Booking questions 

  • You can customize your questions for pet owners to answer while booking online.

  • You can do so for pets as well as for pet owners.

  • You can also make certain questions as required to answer. 

  • Once you accepted your client booking request, the additional booking questions for pet owners will be saved to client profile > private notes.

  • And the additional booking questions for pets will be saved to pet profile > comments.

  • "Intake form" (coming soon) will be a separate feature that if you don't provide online booking.

☆ For mobile grooming setting

Set up service area:

  • With zip code

  • With radius from business location, you can set up by milage and driving time for the radius 

  • Certain areas for certain dates ( coming soon)

Certain area for certain days:

  • If you don’t want to drive all over during a day, we recommend you to turn on and set up “Certain area for certain days”.

  • You can set up “Certain area for certain days” for each staff through MoeGo mobile app: Setting > Set certain area for certain days.

Smart scheduling (for online booking):

  • You can turn on or off smart scheduling for your online booking

  • With smart scheduling enabled for online booking, when your client book online, your availability to your client will be filtered to only show the time spots that are within your range. For instance, if your “maximum driving distance” is 5 miles, “maximum driving time” is 10mins, you can expect all of your booking requests will be less than 5 miles or 10mins driving from an existing appointment on your calendar.

  • You can always customize the “Maximum driving distance” and “Maximum driving time” to your needs.

(Here is a video of "Customer Experience" of your booking site)

Happy grooming! 😆🐶

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