Like email marketing? We highly recommend Mailchimp, it is a free email marketing tool with intuitive & flexible & beautifully designed ready to use templates. 

This integration enables you to export your pet owners from MoeGo into your MailChimp subscriber list. The list includes the clients you added manually into the system, and the clients who booked online appointments. 

Note: If you are in the European Union, you should enable double opt-in to ensure General Data Protection Regulation compliance.

Note: It’s important that you make sure your list follows MailChimp’s rules. Be sure to read MailChimp’s Guidelines for List Compliance.

Set up the Mailchimp integration:

  • Access from MoeGo desktop > setting (click on the green gear icon on the top right corner) > Mailchimp

Great! now you can login to start creating your email to clients. 

Single opt-in and double opt-in

MailChimp lists can be set to require single opt-in or double opt-in.

  • Single opt-in: Clients who answer “Yes” to your opt-in question are added to your mailing list.

  • Double opt-in: Clients who answer “Yes” to your opt-in question are sent a confirmation email. Those who confirm are then added to the list.

Click here to control this setting in MailChimp.

If you are in the EU, we strongly recommend you use double opt-in.

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