Can I just have my clients fill in information, without selecting date and time?
Yes! You can turn on "New client application required" toggle. So your client will only be able to fill the information, but not able to choose time. The form they filled will be automatically added to your database.

Can I set up my service list?
Yes, you can fully customize your service list for online booking only. Go to setting->Online booking.  

Can I choose to not show service price to client?
Yes, you can manually turn on "don't show price" toggle if you are not prefer to show price online. Go to setting->Online booking.  

What is online booking description?
It is like business description or notes to your clients. It will appear on top of your online booking page. 

For mobile business, can I set up my service area?
Yes, you can set up your service area with zipcode. Go to setting->Online booking.  

For mobile business, can my clients only select the dates that I'll have service that area?
Yes, MoeGo integrates with MoeGo smart scheduling, which means, the system will filter out the time spots that is too far, but only show the available time spots with minimal driving distance/time during the day. 

What is maximum driving distance / maximum driving time?
It is the maximum distance / time you can take in between appointments. 

What's the difference for "new clients" and "existing clients"?
"new clients" means the client doesn't have database in your system;
"Existing clients" means your system has the client profile. For existing clients, they only need to input phone number and code to verify. And they will be able to see their previous information. 

I have both mobile and salon business, how do I switch?
The main difference for mobile and salon business is if "address is required" when clients book online. So you can choose to turn on/off "Address required" toggle depends on your business type. 

Online booking tips

For online booking set up, check here.

To best use of MoeGo, see here. 

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