MoeGo has a built-in message center in the MoeGo system, so you can keep all your conversations with your clients in the app, without jumping around apps. 

Once you upgraded to MoeGo premium version, MoeGo system will automatically assign a number to you. It is a dedicated phone number to your account until you cancel. This number supports: 

Q: How do I know what phone number was assigned to me?
A: You can create a test client profile with your own phone number, then start the conversation from MoeGo app to your test account. 

Q: Can I use my own business number?
No, for automatic message feature, the number has to be pre-programed. Plus, with premium plans, we offer unlimited messages/calls. 

Q: How many countries do you support.
MoeGo system is supported worldwide.
In regards of message, we currently support US/Canada/Australia/UK. If you are based out of  above countries, please reach out to us. 

Here is a video explained how 2-way message and auto message looks like from desktop version:

To best use of MoeGo, see here. 

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