MoeGo smart scheduling is a proprietary feature specially developed for mobile business. The algorithm integrates google map API, traffic data, your existing appointments location etc. The goal is to minimize your driving and maximize your revenue during the day. 

See how it works here.
And how it works for new clients here.

When running smart scheduling, it appears the system skips time spots which suppose to be great spot. 

Here are some reasons: 

  • There is no enough time available for the new appointment service plus the driving time. So even it is 1 minute difference, the system will skip that time spot. 

  • There might be blocked hours on that time spot.

  • If there is no address set up under the client profile, the smart scheduling will be disabled.

We continue improving the smart scheduling performance, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

To best use MoeGo, see here.

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