This is how MoeGo digital agreement works - explained by our brilliant user Kathlin Duran in MoeGo community 😁

If you only have 2 mins, check these two tutorial videos:
How does MoeGo Digital Agreement work:

✅Through Mobile app:

We know it is so important to have client sign and agree with your service agreement, but it is always not easy to do it - always have to bring paper and pen, forget if someone signed or not, hard to update your service agreement... etc.
MoeGo Digital Agreement is here to help 😋 

  1. Go to Setting -> Agreement

  2. Turn on "Agreement Required"

(If it is the first time set up this agreement, click on "Add digital agreement" to set up your agreement content.)

3. Once the Agreement has been set up, you can edit the agreement, or send this agreement through "Message" or "Email" to your clients manually.
( We will also notify you to send agreement when you create new appointment for a client who hasn't signed agreement before. explained below)

Your view:

You can go to that client profile page, check the signed agreement.

If you turned on "Agreement required" in setting, you will be notified if this client hasn't signed any agreement when you create a new appointment.  

✅Through desktop:

Send digital agreement feature on desktop version, now available with
1⃣️Sign directly on the screen(It's great if you are a salon shop);
2⃣️send link through message;
3⃣ email client to sign (You can send before you meet the client).
All signed agreement will be saved and archived under client profile.

Talk to us if you have any questions:)

To best use MoeGo, see here.

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