We want to make sure you have a smooth on boarding process, so here are how we can help to import contact to MoeGo. 

  1. If you are currently using other software, or you have your clients & pets list (including notes) in txt/csv/xlsx, please email the file with your MoeGo account to: woof@mymoement.com , we will transfer for you within 24 hours. It's free for MoeGo premium users. 

  2. If you have your clients saved on your phone, you can import by yourself, see instructions below👇


  • Go to Menu -> Customer

  • Tap on "Add" button, select "Import from contacts"

  • Select "ok" for the Contacts access

Now you can see your phone contacts. 

  • Select the contacts that you want to import, then tap "save".

  • You will see "yellow notification" icon behind these contacts. (It means there are missing information required on this client, ex: address/ pets name)

We will notify you if the client you imported from contact is lacking information.
You can always tap on "Complete profile set up" to finish the information.


To best use MoeGo, see here.

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