Here is a video walk through how MoeGo Online Booking works:

New Client Application Form / New client intake form

For New Client to book online, if you don't want new clients to select time, but instead, just need them to fill the intake form, go to Setting > Book online > turn on "New client application form required".
Here is a video how your new client will experience when you turn on "New client application form required"

To set up:

Through desktop:
Setting > Book online

Through mobile app: 

  1. Setting -> Book online 

Turn on Online booking switch.

2. Set up Online booking services.

By default, all your services will be available for online booking.

  • You can turn off the "Available for online booking" switch for individual service if you want to make that unavailable for online booking.
  • You can also turn off "Show base price" if you don't want to show price online.

3. Set up Maximum driving distance (for mobile grooming only)

  • You can set up the maximum accepted driving distance between appointments.

4. Set up Maximum driving time (for mobile grooming only)

  • You can set up maximum driving time between appointments

4. Set up Soonest availability

  • You can chose the soonest available date for same day/ next day/ 2days out/ 3days out etc. 

5. Set up if Agreement Required

  • If you turned on Agreement required, when you client book online, before submit, your client is required to agree with the agreement.
  • You can set up the agreement in setting->Agreement

Finally, you can "preview online book site" before share the link to your client.


Now, what happens when your client booked appointment?

  • You will receive notification in MoeGo app:  Notification-> Online Booking
  • You can review the request, and move to Waiting list, or schedule the appointment

Note: Time slot for online request will only be reserved for 24 hours. After that, the request will be moved to waiting list automatically.

Waiting list view:

MoeGo will reserve the time spot for within 24 hours of the online booking request:


Specially for Mobile grooming business:

If your business type is set up as "Mobile" or "Hybrid", your MoeGo Online Booking version integrates with "Smart scheduling" (you can choose to turn it on or off). 

With Smart Scheduling, our system will show your clients available time spots with most efficient route. For example, when you set up "maximum driving distance as 5miles", and "maximum driving time as 10mins", MoeGo will calculate based on your existing appointment location, Google traffic data, and then offer the available time spots to your clients to book. 

With MoeGo smart online booking, you don't have to spend lots of time planning the route and confirm time with client back and forth.  


Try out the demo

To see how your clients can interact with your booking page, click this demo page. (use address: 10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067, USA )

Have fun using this new feature!
Share with us if it helps you save time and make more $$$.

Online booking Q&A
To best use of MoeGo, see here. 

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