MoeGo integrates with third party Stripe as credit card payment processor.
Stripe fee: 3.4%+30cents for each transaction.
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MoeGo doesn't charge processing fee.
No hardware swiper required.

See below for set up instructions:

  1. Got to Setting -> Payment

2. Tap on "Add new account" and complete the information needed.
Keep in mind, this is the bank account that you wish your payment to be deposited.

3. Once set up, you will see "Verified". 

Great! Now you can start charge your clients with credit card or debit card right after check out the appointment. 

  • Tap on "Charge now", select "credit or debit card number"
  • Type in credit card number, or use the card scanner to scan card number. Easy like that!
  • You can also chose "Customer card on file". If the customer doesn't have card on file, you can "add card" to the account. So in the future, you don't need to type in card number when check out. 

To best use MoeGo, see here.

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